14 Ideas For Celebrating Your Birthday In NYC

Henry Clark / June 10, 2021



Arranging a bus for a birthday party can add excitement and fun to the birthday celebration. Whether you are traveling to a club or restaurant, a bowling alley, or a putt-putt course, the party bus provides a fun way to kick off your special day. For traveling to an activity like bowling or putt-putt, you can participate in the activity and then board the bus for food, drinks, and cake can be great birthday ideas nyc. For special kid-friendly fun, why not hire a magician to provide party entertainment on the bus while you’re traveling to the party location.

Why hire a party bus?

  1. Hiring a party bus will offer you a convenient ride. You need not worry about picking and dropping your guests.

  2. offers you a responsible licensed driver so that you can enjoy your party drinking and dancing.

  3. Make your party memorable in this stunning and classy look vehicle that has a beautiful interior designing and smart finishing outside that suits best with your style and standard too.

  4. You can stop at the best clubs, bars, and restaurants in the city to offer endless joy to your guests whenever you wish.

  5. Renting a party bus, especially for night parties, is the safest choice and you can enjoy it fully without worrying about traffic and driving.

  6. This ample entertainment riding service is quite enjoyable as it has enough space to dance to your favorite songs.

  7. Most party buses are BYOB, so you are free to stock your ride with wine, champagne.

Pick from our fleet of stylish, modern party buses, from classic luxury to executive style. Whether it’s just you or a group of thirty to forty of your friends, we have a party to suit NYC birthday ideas. In addition, if you are desiring a luxurious and elegant experience at your birthday party, hiring a party bus can be one of the Best birthday party ideas. Also, you can have long-lasting memories of this special day of your life. 

With a stylish party bus you can:

  1. Go Over a Broadway show

You can walk in a Broadway theatre in Midtown Manhattan. In Broadway theatre, you can watch theatrical performances from classics like Wicked and The Lion King to trendy newcomers like Hamilton and Frozen. Pick any one of these and enjoy it with your friends.

  1. Welcome your friends for rooftop drinks:

Invite your friends for rooftop drinks at one of the sexiest bars in Manhattan where you can enjoy bars offering mini-golf, world-class cocktails, craft beer brewed right downstairs, and some settings that are downright whimsical. So, you can stop by here to make your special day unforgettable.

  1. Have a tranquilize evening at a concert by candlelight

Invite your guests to a classic Candlelight concert where you can enjoy this concert series invites everyone to relive the greatest works of classical music, from Vivaldi to Mozart to Bach, in an intimate atmosphere. This idea is perfect for people who are more into low-key activities.

  1. Have a birthday dinner in your favorite restaurant

Take bottles of wine for dinner at a BYOB restaurant and truly taste four exquisite courses. Then enjoy the night tour of your city on your party bus.

  1. A Night at a comedy club

There are tons of comedy clubs in NYC where you can laugh with your friends hysterically. It is a unique way to offer happiness and lighten the moods of guests on your special day.

  1. Surprise your friends with a jazz band

Enjoy your special day by hiring a jazz band on your party bus so that you can enjoy live music and dance passionately. It will be a luxurious experience.

  1. A disco party (on roller skates)

Go with your dearest friends for a roller disco roller skating party and enjoy your night.at the Dreamland Roller party scene.

  1. Get yourself ice cream

Stop your party bus at world-class ice cream shops to enjoy your favorite flavor.

  1. Celebrate at The Plaza’s Champagne Bar

Since it is your birthday, feel fancy and glamorous at The Plaza’s Champagne Bar. In the evening, you can enjoy the finest champagne, caviar, and wines

  1. Treat friends to a spa day

Give yourself and your friends a full day spa experience.

  1. Drop the mic at a karaoke bar

Take your closest friends with your wine bottles and grab the mic and belt out your tune.

  1. Take a New York Tour on your party bus:

Another good birthday idea is to take a NY tour by party bus. This will be a unique experience as you will see all the historic and beautiful sights of New York that includes The Statue of Liberty, The Freedom Tower, the Empire State Building, and more.

  1. Make your event special at Royal Palms:

Enjoy your special day at Royal Palms in Brooklyn with regular board games and DJs spinning. It will sound like an epic party.

I hope this helps you come up with even more ideas to celebrate your birthday in NYC! I totally know that it’s not the same as being able to go out and celebrate with your friends and family, but here’s to making the very best of it, living and loving big, and ringing in a new year of life with what will (hopefully) be the most unique birthday you’ve ever had.