What Sorts Of Dental Retainers Are Available?

Ashok / June 15, 2021



Orthodontic appliances are not the thing for your whole life. After a while, an orthodontist open on weekends will take a set of braces or other dental instruments from a patient’s teeth. Nevertheless, as soon as those appliances are removed, clear retainers after braces come into the picture.

What are dental retainers?

Dental retainers are part of orthodontic treatment. They are applied to keep teeth in place after dental appliances like dental braces are removed. These are applied after the removal of dental braces to allow the teeth to settle into their new positions.

Teeth need more time to get settled into the newly decided places, which also allows the surrounding soft tissues to get settled into the spot made.

What dental retainers are similar braces? What kinds of dental retainers can we see?

Similar to the braces they are also formed of different materials, such as plastic, rubber, and wire. Two kinds of dental retainers can be seen at the orthodontist near me: fixed and removable.

Removable retainers are, as the name says, can be removed. They can be eliminated if a person needs to eat or brush their teeth. Of course, you need to use them for around a year or so, as discussed by the orthodontist. In the latter phase of the duration, you can wear them during the night. They also come in the category of clear retainers, it is transparent and cannot be seen easily. Look for the clear retainer cost or Invisalign retainer cost to get started.

Fixed retainers cannot be removed attached to the teeth. They need to be separated by an orthodontist.

Dental retainers are available in the various styles, as well:

  • Hawley-style retailers are one of the most common ones. They have a plastic base that corresponds to the natural alignment of the patient’s mouth. Its main structure is attached to a wire that wraps about the teeth and keeps them in place.
  • Essix-style retainers are entirely made of clear medical plastic. They resemble Invisalign-brand braces or mouthguards, it is one of the most preferred options. Although many characters like the Essix-style, they don’t last as the Hawley retainers.
  • Bonded retainers are known as permanent retainers. They are bonded to the back of the teeth to make them functional.

What are the advantages of using retainers?

Fixed retainers are the most suitable option for people who need constant support for their teeth order. People with a fixed Retainer do not have to think about losing it again and again.

Hawley retainers are also one of the considerable options. They can be customized to help further control the alignment of prior rectified teeth. Even if a patient ignores wearing their retainer, this kind of retainer can be customized to correct teeth arrangement. These are also more strong than Essix retainers.

Essix-style retainers are best for those who want nothing in particular.  They seem and feel a lot similar to the Invisalign braces; people who have practiced ‘invisible’ braces in the previous may like Essix retainers after they’re completed the course.