Vegetarian on a Budget

July 21, 2020


In many family budget plans, one of the largest food costs is usually meat. So in theory a minimum of coming to be a vegetarian should be an outstanding monetary maneuver. In theory, if all you ate was rice as well as vegetables, you ought to have the ability to live for very little. However concept and truth are typically much apart from each other. Because the culture of vegetarian…


One of the biggest injustices that the vegetarian movement has endured is that in popular culture, the image of a vegetarian is that of a fanatic hippy or cult member who is "off the deep end" and cannot think about anything else besides "saving a cow" and pushing vegetarianism on everyone he meets. The truth is that the lifestyle of a vegetarian is not that different than everyone else in the culture. In fact, the odds are that somewhere in your social circle at work, school, church or in your family and friends network, you already know several people who are quietly enjoying the lifestyle of a vegetarian. So to help us…