Why Do We Need Dental Implants?

Andrin Andrin / May 24, 2022



Dentists use dental implants to replace one tooth, several teeth, or all of the teeth present in your mouth. In dentistry, the tooth replacement goal is to restore its function and esthetics. Implants are supported only by bone and do not affect natural teeth. Many variables go into deciding which alternative to choose.

In general, there are three common options when it comes to tooth replacement:

  • A removable dental device (full or partial denture),
  • A cemented dental bridge
  • Dental implant

Differentiate between same-day dental implants and traditional Implants?

Same-day dental implants and traditional implants both are effective in their way. Traditional implants take a much longer time and several dental visits. On the other hand, the same day dental near me is much quicker, and it mostly takes only one dental visit. You’ll have an initial consultation with a dentist implant near me to determine if you’re a good fit for the procedure. After that, you’ll get a final checkup.

On the other hand, the implant operation will only take one visit to your dentist. It removes the necessity for bone regeneration, wound healing, and many months of waiting. Fast and efficient is a winning combination. With dental implants, you must-

  • Remove the tooth and wait for 2-4 months for the socket to heal.
  • Place an implant and 3 to 6 for bone regeneration.
  • Then place a dental crown into the implant.
  • The timeline is five to ten months.

How much does a dental implant cost?

According to dental implants Houston, Dental insurance may not cover dental implant installation. Some dental insurance companies may cover the cost of the implant crown. Unfortunately, even though dental implants have become the standard of care for replacing lost teeth, dental insurance often treats them as an elective operation.

Dental implants have become a famous tooth or teeth replacement option because they are conservative and predictable, with success rates approaching 98 percent. Tooth implant cost also depends on who is performing the procedure. The cost includes surgery for the placement of the implant crown.

What happens during the recovery process after dental implant surgery?

Dentists may place a temporary denture during the healing phase to replace missing teeth for esthetic purposes. The recovery time highly depends on the bone present. Healing time is generally anywhere between two to six months. The implant merges with the bone throughout this time. As the dental implant heals, it’s critical or crucial to avoid applying any force or stress on it. They schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that the surgery site is free of infection and healing progresses.


We hope this article helps you to understand more about dental implants. This article discusses the need for dental implants, the difference between the same-day dental implants and traditional implants, and more. For further information regarding dental implants, contact edgedentalhouston.com.