What Are The Important Facts About Tourmaline Gemstone?

Andrin Andrin / May 24, 2022



Tourmaline Stone is the alternative birthstone for October, along with opal. Tourmaline is beneficial to the digestive system and strengthens teeth and bones. Modern practitioners also use this stone to treat stress and trauma, advised for adrenal issues. Tourmaline is a popular gemstone that comes in a variety of hues. It’s a grounding stone well-known for its energetic protection and balance.

Tourmaline helps in balancing masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. Tourmaline aids in creating a protective barrier or shield around a person or space, preventing negative or unwanted energies from entering. It also helps in balancing all of the chakras. So it can also dissolve negative thought patterns and challenging power and transmute them into more beneficial and positive energies or beliefs.

What are the various types and colors of tourmaline stones?

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline symbolizes compassion and humanitarianism. So, people wear them to promote empathy for others. It’s an excellent stone for healers, therapists, and therapists since it helps them listen and comprehend their patients better. It carries the goodness of friendship and unconditional love. It radiates the highest amount of love of all the different color tourmalines.

Pink Tourmaline is rarest to find in the tourmaline family. So,  It is beneficial to individuals who struggle with fear and experience panic attacks. Pink tourmaline is the best choice if you are looking for something to help them cure their inner chaos and despair. It is an excellent stone for working on self-love and compassion.

Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline is among the most valuable semi-precious tourmaline stones. It is a rare gem variant of the Tourmaline family that ranges in hue from bright blue to blue-green. The copper element is responsible for the Tourmaline’sTourmaline’s extraordinary brilliant hue and powerful radiance.

This precious stone is widely popular because of its unmatchable beauty and rarity. Gemologists and gem collectors appreciate and adore this uniquely beautiful gemstone.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is a rare and much sought-after gemstone. It is highly preferable for both men and women due to its gorgeous green color and health benefits. Green TourmalineTourmaline is a heart-warming stone that aids in the restoration of vital life force energy. So, Its vibrations assist people in understanding their emotions by tapping into their emotional bodies.

Our brains are so full of challenges that it’s easy to blame how we’re feeling on unrelated factors. It helps overcome trauma and move forward with life. One will become calmer and more capable of seeking solutions to all emotional discomfort.

Purple Tourmaline

Purple Tourmaline resonates with the third eye chakra and can aid in creating new ideas and intuition. You can also use it to clear out external entities that tangle in someone’s energy field. Purple tourmalines are not that rare, so you can easily buy this stone for sale in a local jewelry store.


We hope the above-given information helps you understand more about tourmaline gemstones. The above article discusses the various types and colors of tourmaline gemstone. So,  For further details regarding tourmaline gemstone, please visit emsngems.com.