Why Do Dentists Use Power Chains In Braces?

Keith Lovell / July 19, 2022



They join ligature strings to form power chains. Typically, it connects using the same material as the ligatures (the elastics holding the archwire to the individual brackets). The braces power chain may occasionally be composed of metal twists rather than elastic. Power chains join the brackets together rather than the usual elastics that fit over each one separately.

The result is a continuous band that spans your teeth made up of these chains. Some teeth can be treated with power chains braces, while others will have conventional ligatures wrapped around the brackets. Orthodontists can address several treatment goals when using ligatures and power chains together.

For how long do we have to wear power chains?

Similar to many other problems, the answer to this one also depends on the particular circumstances of each situation. According to pediatric dentists Miami fl, each person’s treatment will last a different time. While some patients need to wear power chains for six months, others can finish their treatment in just six.

What are power chain color options?

The color possibilities for power chains are identical to those for regular braces band colors. You will ultimately get to choose the color you want to wear with the assistance of your orthodontist to find the shade that best suits your lifestyle. Your diet may result in the power chain staining and changing color like regular ligatures. The best color for “stain resistance” is said to be smoke or silver power chain colors.

You can replace power chains after each visit, so if they get stained, don’t stress too much about it. You can get a brand-new set or try different colors. Try color combinations or stick with your favorite color; you have endless choices.

Who requires power chain braces?

Many people get braces, including power chains, when they are younger. It is typically between the ages of 8 and 14. individuals in this age range still develop facial bones, which facilitate more precise movement of the teeth. However, power chains and braces are also available for grownups. Approximately 1 in 5 Trusted Source patients seeking orthodontic care is older than 21.

You can apply power chains can in a wide range of circumstances. They are most frequently used to repair dental gaps or maintain uniform tooth spacing. Additionally, they can assist in better jaw and tooth alignment. Ultimately, using a power chain will rely on your particular treatment requirements.

How to care for your power chains?

Taking good care of your power chains is essential for better oral health.

Brushing teeth after each meal

Your braces and power chain may accumulate food, which can cause plaque to build up. Try to brush your teeth every meal, and rinse your mouth with water if you can’t wash your teeth.

Gently brush your teeth

Make use of a soft-bristled toothbrush. Try to be gentle to lessen the strain on your braces and power chain.


Flossing assists in eradicating food from your braces and power chain, in addition to the spaces between your teeth.


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