How Long Does An Eye Lift Last?

Andrin Andrin / February 15, 2022



While concerns about facial plastic surgery needed a lot of thought and especially when it is related to your face such as eye lift. The very first symptom of aging continues to show up near the eyes. For many people, crow’s feet are the main concern, but drooping, puffy eyelids would also make a patient’s look. Typically, eyelid surgery is also called blepharoplasty. It may tighten the tone of eyelids, providing results that will last longer for many years. However, neglecting eyelift surgery would be a quite difficult and life-challenging task. So, read on more to learn everything about eyelift

What is eye lift or blepharoplasty?

Eye Lift or blepharoplasty is a kind of surgery that regains the droopy eyelids and might include eliminating the extra skin, fat, and muscles. As you go with the age, the eyelids stretch, and the muscles sustain them to dilute. Thus, the results may gather excess fat above and before the eyelids, pushing droopy eyelids, sagging eyebrows, and bags under the eyes.

How is eyelid or blepharoplasty performed?

The eyelift surgery is conducted as an outpatient process by giving local anesthesia or sedation. It relies on whether you have an upper or lower eyelid treated, we would make cuts in either the crease above the eye or just under your lower lash line. The additional fat or tissue is donating a puffiness which is then eliminated and the skin is on the lid that tightens.

How much does lower eyelid surgery cost?

As per the American society of plastic Specialists, the average eye lift surgery cost is $3206. The price would rely on or vary by region, the experience of the doctor, and several other factors. The eyelift cost of the surgery will itself not include the cost of operating room facilities and the anesthesia that vary depending on the needs and the location. As the process is generally elective, the insurance would not cover the costs. Further, the cost will rise if you want to have both upper and lower eyelid surgery. The surgeon will give you an underestimation of the costs before having the surgery.

How long will eyelid surgery take?

For several patients, it would take one week rest as the suggested recovery time. Few activities like wearing contact lenses and exercises would not be allowed for two weeks. Patients need to take some safeguards while recovering, including sleeping with the head elevated and taking additional care while taking shower. Many patients are also required to limit the time of their computer working.

What are the benefits of eyelid surgery?

Several benefits are there for Eyelid Surgery and these include-

  • Increases the confidence
  • Enhance the ability to see
  • Helps you in communicating more effectively
  • Rejuvenate your looks


If you are irritated or frustrated with the sagging, drooping eyelids and you are completely ready to regain your looks. Then eyelid surgery would be the most essential for you. It is an easy and simple treatment that may brighten the eyes and even make it easier for you to see. After all, the results are long-lasting and effective. So want to give it a try, do contact our surgeon of premiere surgical arts. Further, make sure to book an appointment by visiting our website!