How Long does a dental implant last?

Keith Lovell / August 23, 2022



Dental Implants are a widespread treatment option if you need to replace missing or damaged teeth. They can help you to achieve a natural-looking smile, improve your comfort and give you a new sense of confidence. Dental implants can be an ideal solution if you have missing or damaged teeth that you would like to correct. You might be wondering, are they permanent? How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are designed to permanently solve tooth loss that lasts up to 20 to 30 years and is an affordable dental treatment. However, it also depends entirely on how well you take care of your teeth and oral hygiene.

Dental implants consist of a titanium ‘root’ embedded in your jawbone to replicate the root section of a natural tooth. A ceramic dental crown is set on the implant to replace the tooth. To secure their functionality and longevity, they need to be looked after just as a natural tooth would, which means daily cleaning, flossing, and regular visits to a dentist and hygienist.

Features of Implants:

The three primary factors that make up dental implants are the implant itself, the abutment, and the Crown.

  1. Implant

The dental implant functions like the root of a tooth. The titanium is surgically implanted into the jaw.

  1. Abutment

The abutment keeps the prosthetic tooth in position. This part stays above the jawbone, and your dentist will screw it onto the implant.

  1. Crown

A crown looks similar to a natural tooth and is usually ceramic. The Crown is attached to the abutment.

Which is best, root canal or dental implant?

If you are suffering from tooth pain or decay, go to an emergency dentist near me, your dentist might suggest you get a root canal or a dental implant to rectify your teeth issue.

When your dentist suggests a root canal, your dentist can save your teeth by removing the infected pulp and sealing it with a replacement material. You can use a crown if it is necessary.

Therefore, if your doctor suggests a dental implant, your natural teeth will be removed, and a metal post will be set in your jawbone. After, your dentist will screw a dental crown so that you chew quickly.

Always choose a root canal over a dental implant because nothing looks good than natural teeth.

Here are some benefits of root canal:

  1. No need of getting remove your original natural teeth,
  2. You will always have your genuine smile with a root canal.
  3. You may not need to pay too much for the treatment.
  4. The root canal treatment takes less time than the dental implant.
  5. Root canal cost is less compared to dental implant cost.


Ask the best dentist near me and discuss your teeth problems. Your dentist will suggest a solution after examining your teeth condition. Both the procedure are beneficial; it all depends on your tooth condition and whether a root canal or a dental implant will be good for your teeth.