What Can Cause Chronic Back Pain?

Keith Lovell / August 25, 2022



Chronic back pain often results from aging but can also result from prior injury. According to back pain specialists new jersey, the most common causes of back pain may include

  • Spinal arthritis: causes the cartilage to gradually thin out in the spine.
  • Spinal stenosis: Narrowing of the spinal canal may cause nerve discomfort
  • Disc issues: According to a back pain doctor woodland, disk issues such as a bulging or herniated disc can cause back pain
  • Myofascial pain syndrome: Undiagnosed muscle aches and pains, known as myofascial pain syndrome, can also be a significant cause of back pain.

What are the ways to cure back pain without surgery?

Chronic back pain can occasionally be challenging to diagnose. Back pain doctor west orange advises getting a second opinion from a back pain expert if your doctor has tried all possible diagnostic avenues. Before the cause of the discomfort is identified, it’s critical to avoid hasty decisions and invasive medical procedures.

The back pains specialists west orange warns that they can be ineffective and aggravate the discomfort. Working with your doctor to lessen the flare-ups and make the pain manageable using nonsurgical therapies may be your best option if the cause of the pain is unknown or untreatable.

Physical therapy

The most effective way of treating chronic back pain is exercise. You should try it as one of the first treatments under the supervision of your doctor and a spine physical therapist. However, Nava says not every person responds well to the same activities. Back pain doctor Paramus will customize the exercises for your unique symptoms and condition. Maintaining the exercise and diet schedule at home is also vital for success.

Physical therapy for persistent back pain could consist of:

  • Practicing better posture
  • The examination of the pain threshold
  • Exercises for flexibility and stretching
  • Exercising aerobically
  • Core enlargement

Steroid injections

In some circumstances, For sciatic back pain treatment, your doctor could advise injecting a corticosteroid medicine into the area around the affected tissue and nerve root. It works to relieve pain by reducing swelling close to the inflamed nerve. Usually, the effects disappear after a few months. You are only allowed a certain number of steroid injections since getting them too frequently raises the risk of significant side effects.

Mindfulness and meditation

Chronic back pain is when you feel physically and emotionally drained. You can be given a referral to a rehabilitation psychologist to address the frustration and impatience.  It also helps to deal with sadness and other psychological effects of chronic pain. The physician might suggest mindfulness practices like meditation, yoga, tai chi, and other cognitive and relaxation techniques to prevent your mind from dwelling on the pain.


Some diets, mainly those rich in trans fats, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods, are also inflammatory. Consult your back pain specialist to determine whether your diet may factor in your persistent back pain and how you might modify it. By relieving strain on your spine, maintaining a healthy weight may also help you have less back discomfort.


From the above-provided information, we can conclude that the above article provides some beneficial and valuable details regarding back pain treatment. For further important information, please visit backpaindoctornj.com.