Can I Get Braces With a Missing Tooth

Ashok / April 28, 2021



In one word it’s a Yes. When teeth are just not there, adjacent teeth will usually stray into the empty space and this can point to some physical difficulties. Orthodontic treatment will improve and counter these problems from happening or correct problems that might happen because of the dental problem.

How you can take care of the Missing Teeth

Dental implants are a choice if you’re missing a single tooth or your missing tooth is not of the required length. To do an implant, the best orthodontist near me through the procedure titanium post or frame into your jaw to fix the newly substituted teeth. The base or pole will be stable, though the tooth can be changed as per the time in the general they last only for a certain time – 10 years.

A fixed dental bridge is considerably good and might be the best choice for patients who have lost more than one teeth. A bridge fills the gap created by missing teeth, using a prosthetic or artificial tooth that can be bonded with the particular dental procedure. Similar to implants, the bridges seem like normal teeth. Nevertheless, some of the existing teeth may need to be set or altered to support the bridge, and it can be hard to take care of it. Removable partial dentures are also considered a good option; they are cheap too. This dental appliance has artificial teeth connected to a base, which fits nicely over the gums and is suited to the color of your teeth. They are very convenient and comfortable to use. This option is a good plan for the children. You can talk to the kids orthodontist near me to know more about the same.

Braces With Missing Teeth

Under certain conditions, it may be likely to use braces to completely shut the gap formed by the missing tooth. This is most likely to happen with patients who have just been crushed under the overcrowding problem. If you want both orthodontics and dental implants then you should be getting braces. Because an implant is done under the area. The titanium anchor does not have the ligaments that could be used for further alignment. The orthodontist will make a deliberate space reserved for correction in the future or adjust a placeholder in the existing space so that the condition can be managed rightly.

However, if the teeth being surrounded by the implant are not taken care of in the orthodontic procedure, then it is normally feasible to fix the implant before the braces. Moreover, if the dental implant requires it to work as an anchor point so that the particular forces can be used to take care of the other teeth, the patient would possibly get the implant prior to anything. Losing a tooth can be a bad feeling, but it doesn’t indicate that you are incapable of having a beautiful smile to cherish. Work with your orthodontist to know what are the options available.