How to Fix an Overbite with Braces?

Ashok / April 28, 2021



It is a common term that is known as the “overbite” to define upper teeth that protrude the lower teeth. Another thing that can justify the condition is called “buck teeth.”

Orthodontists, though, use the word overbite to represent the crossing of lower teeth with upper teeth. They then describe the overbite from common to severe, based on how far the top teeth protrude from the lower teeth.

What Are The Reasons For Overbite?

  • Heredity or family problems
  • In toddlers and infants, habits such as thumb sucking, long-term use of pacifiers, and sometimes prolonged breastfeeding can also happen.
  • In teens and adults, biting nails, and pushing teeth further can be the reason.
  • Grinding teeth
  • Not getting the smile repaired after the dental trauma
  • Bad oral health
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction could be one of the reasons that may cause this issue.

Types Of Overbite

It can be classified under the two categories of overbites – skeletal and dental. Let’s discuss them.

Skeletal Overbite: In the condition of a skeletal overbite, the lower jaw is actually smaller than the upper jaw that makes upper teeth protrude.

Dental Overbite: In the condition of dental condition, your upper jaw may be straightened with your lower jaw; it can lead to the poor alignment of teeth that forces the lower jaw back to follow in an overbite.

What Are The Ways To Fix An Overbite

Dental Braces

Dental braces can help to reduce the problem ease, but they can be wonderful for lessening the overbite. Following are the steps:

Step 1: Braces are fastened to the teeth to level and correct the position of teeth. You can also check the various other ways on how to fix an overbite.

Step 2: Once the teeth are straightened, elastic bands are applied on the brackets they will slowly put pressure on the teeth. Be certain about the rule that you will take care of dental health.

Step 3: The final step includes using a retainer to hold the teeth in the right position.

And though the overbite improvement period differs due to the different conditions, correcting severe overbite problems can be the work of 2 years.


Invisalign is an option for braces perfect for somebody who are not at ease with braces improving their appearance. Invisalign overbite improvement treatment utilizes a set of clear trays that works in moving the teeth into a particular position and through this way teeth get aligned where they need to be. As time goes on, the patient tries to use various other trays as the orthodontist recommends ultimately correcting the overbite effectively.

Why Is Overbite Correction Is More Than For Cosmetic Reasons?

Overbite severely alters your appearance.

The bad bite usually ends in teeth misalignment.

It can begin to jaw discomfort and tooth wear.

It enhances the risk of teeth breakage in the state of the direct hit on the mouth.

Overbite also affects the way you speak.

Please take this dental problem seriously as it is not related to the cosmetic issue but also to your health.