What You Need to Know about Long-Stay Travel Insurance

admin / July 21, 2020



Traveling overseas is like investing a huge amount of money on a certain business venture. Just like any business venture, you should have insurance. In this particular case, you need to get travel insurance. Now, some people travel for a couple of days or weeks only. But for those who have plans of staying for quite some time abroad, long-stay travel insurance is a good choice and a wise move.

The cost of living overseas is rather expensive especially if you’re there for a long time. Not only that, the risks of encountering an unforeseen event, injury, or accident is also quite high. There are different types of insurance and travel insurance is just one of them. Now, under travel insurance you will still have to choose among different types of coverage. For longer stay overseas, you may want to purchase long-stay travel insurance.

This type of insurance is just like any other travel insurance plan. it can protect you while you’re in a foreign place. However, your travel will be covered for a longer period or duration. Individuals traveling more than once in a span of one year should get this type of travel insurance because of the many benefits. You can save time, money, and trouble. With this type of policy, you don’t have to purchase travel insurance every time you go abroad because one policy can cover multiple trips in a year. As long as your travel is within the ‘insured time’, you’re safe and protected.

If you have long-stay travel insurance, you can be insured against theft, medical emergencies, death, and many other situations. The carrier will determine the restrictions and this is true with any type of travel insurance.

The costs vary from carrier to another but if you give yourself time to shop for travel insurance, you may be able to find a less costly insurance plan. this type of insurance is pricier than the other types of travel insurance but it is truly a wise investment especially if you travel frequently. When you’re looking for a good insurance carrier, make sure that you choose the one with an excellent reputation. The carrier should be specialized in offering long-stay travel insurance.

So if you have plans of staying long overseas or if you travel a lot, there is a need for long-stay travel insurance. What you should do is contact your insurance provider. Ask for trip cost estimates so that you can calculate the premiums. Try to be realistic especially with the cost of the insurance. By doing so, you can avoid troubles and being uninsured. If in the future you want a perfect and worry-free travel, make sure that you have long-stay travel insurance.

You have two options – you can talk to a licensed insurance agent or you go to the insurance company’s official site and help yourself to the various resources there. From then on, you can face any unforeseeable event in your travels.

Get a quote now or perhaps several quotes so that you can choose the best among them in terms of price and coverage. There are websites online that allows travelers to compare several travel insurance plans; take advantage of this great opportunity to shop for long-stay travel insurance online. This is surely an investment that you will not regret.

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