What Is Bite Turbo and What Are The Risk Associated With It?

Andrin Andrin / March 15, 2023




All of us have heard of common orthodontic appliances such as arch wires, rubber bands, clear assigners, and metal braces are frequently used by orthodontics for straightening teeth. But have you heard about bite turbos? What it is and how it works. Let’s discuss it in brief.

Orthodontics Specialists in Florida have used bite turbos for decades in the treatment of straightening teeth. Bite Turbos, as the name suggests, are tiny brackets/ jets that are attached to the back surfaces of your front teeth. Bite Turbo is an orthodontic device that improves your bite and jaw alignment.

What is Bite Turbos?

Orthodontists often use Bite Turbos  which helps to shift teeth into their actual position. A proper or healthy alignment between the top and bottom teeth. Turbos are L-shaped or triangular devices that protect you from an overbite, underbite, or crossbite and prevent bruxism.

Bite Turbo, an orthodontic device, shifts teeth into their actual position. They are in small L-shaped size or triangular devices attached to the back of the teeth that protects prevent contact or an incorrect bite. This device is effective as for aligning the bite position, correcting the bite, or protecting you from biting or applying pressure to brackets patients who have fixing braces.

Orthodontist in Aventura Florida have used bite turbos for decades to improve your bite and jaw alignment. Bite turbos are small brackets glued onto the back surfaces of your front teeth. Orthodontists commonly use bite turbos because this appliance works well to correct the bite or prevent damage from biting or applying pressure. This appliance is used for patients with fixed braces and works faster. In addition to that, turbos can prevent damage to the braces and teeth and allow for faster progress.

Are there any Risk Associated with Bite Turbos?

No, as such no risks associated with bite turbos. Most patients complain about chewing or speech issues when they have fixed metal braces. Loud snoring is another common issue found in sleep apnea patients that can be cured with medication such as Tylenol. Always consult with a doctor before taking any medicines.

How Long One Has to Wear a Bite Turbo?

Wearing a bite turbo depends on the patient’s condition and how server it is. The changes can be made quickly for initial stages, while for more series issues, it will take some time. The duration of the Bite Turbo treatment may vary from patient to patient.


Bite Turbos are joined with glue so don’t try to remove yourself as it can be removed by only the best orthodontics near me. Make an appointment with orthodontics specialists of florida immediately when you observe that your bite turbos break.