Kia 7 Seater Option: Perfect for the Whole Family

Keith Lovell / June 16, 2022



Are you looking to accommodate everyone in your family on your next vacation or road trip? If so, the Kia 7 seater option could be perfect for you! This review will cover everything you need to know about this vehicle feature. Read on to learn more about the Kia 7 seater option and what it can offer you and your family!

Choosing a larger car can improve your quality of life

The car you buy should suit your needs. Larger vehicles provide extra space for passengers, cargo and even groceries. Some families may not be able to afford two cars, but with a seven-seat vehicle like Kia Optima or Kia Sorento, there’s plenty of room to accommodate everyone. You’ll get better gas mileage than most SUVs, which can reduce your total cost of ownership.

The type of vehicle you choose for your family

When you have a whole family to transport, it’s nice to have options. Kia offers seven-passenger models in many of its larger vehicles, giving you plenty of space and a generous level of comfort during your trips. Whether you choose a full-size sedan like our Optima or Sorento, or an SUV like our Sportage and Sedona, adding a third row makes it easy to pack everyone up for every occasion. No matter what kind of vehicle you own, being able to bring everyone along can be great fun – both on long road trips and shorter adventures closer to home.

Affordability Matters

The Kia Sportage is available as a 5-seater, a 4-seater or a 3-seater. The seven seater option is ideal if you have more than three people in your family, but it’s not just great for big families. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you might also consider owning a Kia Soul (2 seater), which features both a roof rack and load-through folding rear seats to accommodate bulky items like kayaks and surfboards. So whether it’s your whole family or weekend hobbies that are important to you, there’s an option for everyone! Visit one of our friendly dealerships today to get behind the wheel and discover just how much fun life can be with Kia!

Looking at the 7 seater cars from Kia

Kia Motors is one of South Korea’s largest car manufacturers, as well as its biggest automobile exporter. It’s also one of its most creative, with a wide range of funky cars across many segments. One model line that has proved popular is Kia’s seven-seater SUV models. They can comfortably seat five passengers and have enough space to take luggage and other items when travelling long distances, making them ideal family vehicles. Read on to find out more about these kia 7 seater.

Features to Look For

Kia makes it easy to fit everyone in with three models of SUVs. The Sorento, Optima and Sportage are all seven-seaters. The Kia Sorento has seating capacity of up to eight passengers thanks to a 40/20/40 split rear seat that lets you fold down one or both side seats, depending on your specific needs. While you’re at it, check out our selection of vehicle protection products; these add-ons offer great coverage so you don’t have to worry about car damage from debris or weather.

Why Buy A New Car, When You Can Upgrade?

There are times when a new car purchase makes sense. But in most cases, it’s more cost-effective to buy a used car that’s a few years old than to buy new. Upgrading to an SUV, for example, can save you thousands of dollars compared with buying brand-new. That extra money can go toward upgrading features like infotainment and safety technology—or going toward gas and maintenance costs if you’re leasing or financing your vehicle.

Value Of The Sorento 2.2 CRDi SX 4×4 Automatic 7 Seaters

Just how many seats do you need? If a big family car is what you’re after, then be sure to check out our large cars category to discover some of our other seven seater options. These include models like the Kia Sorento and Nissan Qashqai. We also have a wide range of compact seven seaters like, for example, Ford’s B-Max or Renault’s Captur. They’re all ideal if your family needs space and comfort in a small package. And don’t forget about MPVs like Vauxhall’s Zafira Tourer; they’ll even seat up to seven people! All these can be found in our latest car reviews here on CarBuyer HQ.

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