How long does Lumineer’s dental last?

Keith Lovell / September 16, 2022



Lumineer is a brand-name dental veneer. Therefore, lumineers are a lot thinner than dental veneers. Despite having a lighter nature, Lumineers are still highly durable and damage-resistant. Because they are more delicate than veneers, they do not need too much enamel to remove from the teeth. They fit over enamel easily and provide a similar appearance to dental veneers. They are comfortable and have the same durability.

Although the dentist uses veneers and Lumineers to treat the same issues, the one big difference is the size, which may not communicate much, but it makes a big difference when applying them.

Lumineers are a universal treatment that can manage various cosmetic cases, from minor chips to gaps and crooked teeth.

The Lifespan of dental lumineers:

Lumineers work precisely the same as veneers. They are expected to last very long but commonly last for more than 20 years, depending on their quality of care.

It depends on what proper care you are taking of your mouth. If you are not brushing correctly, flossing regularly, and consuming food that is not good for your teeth, it can damage your teeth and lumineers. Not visiting your dentist for regular check-ups can also create issues with Lumineers.

Who can use dental Lumineers?

The dentist allows the use of Lumineers for people interested in improving their smile appearance by preaching observable concerns with the front teeth. Especially a person with chipped, stained, short, or misshapen teeth makes an ideal candidate for lumineers dental treatment. It is best to discuss Lumineers Houston with a dentist to choose how they can be beneficial.

Care tips for long-lasting lumineers

They do not require extra care; the care you take of your teeth is what they need to last long.

You can take care of your lumineers in the following ways:


  1. Brushing and flossing regularly and cleaning them can stop unwanted issues from occurring, but a regular visit to your dentist is a must.
  2. Keep your gums healthy by rinsing your mouth with mouthwash after every meal or at least twice daily.
  3. Stop biting your nails or opening anything from your teeth that can damage your teeth.
  4. Avoid consuming food like coffee, alcohol, or tobacco products. These products can stain your teeth and can damage lumineers.
  5. Visit your dentist regularly to avoid any dental problems.

Regular dental visits

Regular lumineers dental near me visits are essential for expanding the Lifespan of Lumineers. Your Dentists will encourage you to have check-up visits every four to six months if you have Lumineers.

This lets the dentist notice any concerns in your mouth as early as possible and handles them before they become worse to be corrected.


Discuss your dental issues with your dentist and regularly visit for a healthy oral life. Your dentist encourages a dental visit to analyze the dental problems before they occur and damage your teeth and lumineers. The Lumineers’ costs will depend on various factors, including the complexity and period of your procedure and your dentist’s experience.