Does Invisalign work faster than braces?

Andrin Andrin / December 22, 2021



Everybody desires or wants to have straight teeth. Don’t you? So, are you ready for this? There are situations when you are not having straight teeth at one time, but the dental concussion or age leads your teeth out of alignment. Having straight teeth might help you to have a healthy mouth as well as a beautiful, bright smile. If you have decided to have the teeth straightening process, then the next step is to select the type of Invisalign braces near me. However, Invisalign is the best method to achieve this.

What is Invisalign?

There is a product that is used for teeth straightening with the help of clear plastic aligners. And that product is known as Invisalign. Further, you will get a set of aligners that will push your teeth to support them to change their alignment. As you further proceed with this procedure, you might replace the aligners from time to time.

Slowly your teeth will shift into the new positions and you will accomplish your aims. One might easily take them out whenever you have to clean the aligners and teeth. Hence, to have the best Invisalign treatment you need to have the best Invisalign doctor near me.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Following are the benefits to have the Invisalign around me-

  • Helps you in providing comfort.
  • The Invisalign trays have an invisible appearance.
  • Using Invisalign helps reduce your time at the dentist’s office. Thus, it is time-saving.
  • It is safe and removable.
  • Invisalign braces are easy to clean.
  • With this, you will help in teeth straightening.
  • Additionally, this will help you in better dental health.

What is Invisalign Treatment?

The process of Invisalign treatment is invisible and removable. With this patients are free to eat what they want and they can easily clean their teeth. Are you excited to know about the further process? Then let’s have a look at the following stages-

  1. Consult with your board-certified orthodontist near me
  2. The orthodontist will prepare a treatment plan.
  3. You must wait for the aligners.
  4. Wear the aligners
  5. The orthodontists will purify your smile.
  6. It is recommended to keep that beautiful smile.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign braces generally charge higher prices than ordinary braces. With the regular braces, you might expect to pay between $2500-$6000. On the other hand, the treatment of the best Invisalign near me would cost around $3500 and $7000.

What are the preventions of Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment sometimes gives you a stain for which you need to take some prevention. And they are as follows-

  • Evade the consumption of some drinks and foods
  • Exercise to maintain a good oral health
  • Keep your stained aligners clean

Choose Ivanov Ortho for  Invisalign!

Now that you are being explored with some questions and answers related to your Invisalign treatment. We are sure that you want to know more about it! Further, the process of Invisalign is not only effective and safe but is also discreet.

It is good to choose the Invisalign treatment for both adults and kids. Whether you have teeth adjustments no matter if it is minor or major, the Invisalign will give you positive results.

The Ivanov ortho is professionally trained in providing Invisalign treatments. The skilled staff of the clinic will serve their best services to help you. Further, to schedule a consultation with the best local orthodontist that offer Invisalign near me, visit our website!