What is the Treatment for Knee Pain?

Keith Lovell / October 17, 2022



If you are suffering from knee pain, visiting a Knee Pain doctor new york will help your reliving discomfort and swelling. To know the exact problem, they will evaluate your physical condition.

During the physical examination, your doctor will check the following:

  • Check your knee swelling, pain, tenderness, warmth, and visible bruising.
  • Check your leg rotation and move.
  • Push and pull joints to evaluate the structures
  • Imaging tests
  • They will inspect your knee to find swelling, tenderness, pain, warmth, and visible bruising
  • See how far you can move your leg in different directions
  • They will check Push on or pull the joint
  • Imaging tests
  • X-rays to detect if any, bone fractures.
  • Ct scan knows the exact condition of your legs because your doctor can see from different angles.
  • They will use ultrasound to know any soft tissue or muscle damage, which provides live images of your knees.
  • MRI uses radio waves to create 3D imaging of the inside of your knee.

Lab tests

Suppose a Knee Pain doctor manhattan suspects an infection or inflammation. In that case, they will ask you for blood tests and sometimes a process called arthrocentesis. Your doctor will remove a small amount of fluid from your joint with a little needle and send it to a laboratory for analysis.


After checking lab tests and a thorough checkup, your doctor will make a plan and treatment to relieve you from discomfort.

For pain, they will prescribe you medications to help relieve pain and give antibiotics to subsidies swelling conditions. Knee pain treatment specialists Jericho will recommend some therapies and exercises to help you from discomfort.


Strengthening the muscles around your legs will make them more stable. Your doctor recommends physical therapy or different exercises based on the specific condition that causes you pain.

Suppose you are physically active or practice a sport. In that case, you may need exercises for movement correction that may affect your knee and establish good techniques during sports or activity.

Injections treatment

In some cases, Knee Pain doctor NYC may recommend medication injection or substance that directly goes into your joints. For instance:

Enacting corticosteroids drug into your knees may help reduce the symptoms of an arthritis flare and provide pain relief that may last for a few months. However, they are not effective in all cases.

A thick fluid, similar to natural lubricating joints, is added to your knees to improve mobility and decrease friction. According to reliable studies, mixing hyaluronic acid is effective for all types of conditions. This relief from this may last longer than six months.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP); PRP contains a concentration of many different growth factors to help inflammation and promote instant healing. According to reliable studies, PRP may benefit certain people with osteoarthritis. However, more studies are needed.


If you have pain, swelling, and any discomfort in your knees, consider visiting a Knee Pain doctor Long Island for a thorough checkup and treatment.