How Long Do Dental Braces Last?

Andrin Andrin / October 18, 2022



Patients frequently ask this question at the initial consultation. How long adults must wear braces causes them the most anxiety. A typical orthodontic procedure at braces near me takes 24 months to complete, and some people require less than one year of treatment, while others may require up to three years before their teeth erupt into the correct position. Because every patient’s mouth is unique, they cannot customize orthodontic therapy for every patient.

What Factors Influence The Duration Of Wearing A Dental Brace?

Braces Hollywood fl experts explain the factors influencing the time you need to wear dental braces.

Type Of Treatment

Orthodontic patients today have many alternatives available to them. In addition to traditional metal braces, there are clear and ceramic braces. The system is powerful and lasting because the metal braces consist of stainless steel. Compared to metal braces, ceramic and clear aligners look more beautiful.


Young patients (teenagers and children) often experience results more rapidly than adults because their jaws are still developing, and working with their teeth is easier. It does not imply that all adults must have braces for a minimum of two years. Several factors can affect how long a treatment will last.

The Severity Of The Issue

Another significant factor to consider is the severity of your orthodontic Issue. Solving minor crowding or space difficulties can take a year or less, but serious situations can take a while.

Patient Compliance

To guarantee a successful course of treatment, an orthodontic patient must adhere to all recommendations by their Florida orthodontic specialists. It includes keeping up with your dentist appointments, practicing good oral hygiene, and using your orthodontic equipment as instructed.

Is It Possible To Reduce The Time You Need To Wear The Braces?

Yes. Invisalign North Miami specialist is pleased to provide patients with Propel technology. With the help of Propel, teeth can move into the ideal position more quickly, cutting down on treatment time. This cutting-edge method guarantees that therapy is quick and efficient regardless of whether the patients choose conventional braces or transparent aligners like Invisalign.

How Do Dental Braces Move Our Teeth?

By applying consistent gentle pressure to your teeth over a long period, braces can reposition your teeth. Your jaw changes to adjust to this pressure. It can be challenging to understand that you can shift teeth because we frequently believe they directly attach to the jawbone. However, a membrane that joins your teeth to your jaw lies under your gums and surrounds your bones.

The membrane regulates how your teeth are positioned and reacts to the pressure that braces apply to your teeth. It doesn’t pain to get braces during the dental session, which takes one to two hours. As you adjust, you could feel discomfort or soreness the first week you wear braces and have some soreness for a few days after your orthodontist’s adjustment to your dental braces.


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