Do Bite Turbos Make Any Difference To Bite Issues?

Keith Lovell / June 23, 2022



Bite turbos are orthodontic appliances like small pads or ramps. Usually, professionals use acrylic or metal to create them. Dentists place them on the backside of upper front teeth or on the biting side of any back teeth. You can find Bite turbos in various colors, including blue, red, or metallic. They function as a speed breaker so that patients’ teeth won’t bite down inside the mouth. Bite turbos also help patients without bumping into each other. Visit adult orthodontics Miami and get a permanent solution to biting issues.

When do you need them?

Bite turbos can help resolve many oral issues. Once the dentists install bite turbo on your teeth, and you bite on them, a kind of pressure produces on the teeth that assist patients with an overbite. Bite turbos can also effectively treat improper teeth movement.

If you wear braces, you may suffer from various bite issues as your upper teeth may come into contact with lower braces. Moreover, there are chances that your bottom teeth might lose their alignment and break into pieces. This condition is very unpleasant and puts pressure on the upper teeth resulting in the displacement of the lower teeth. It might cause misalignment of teeth. In such cases, orthodontist specialist of Florida recommends bite turbos to make braces wear easy.

Do you have biting issues?

When dentists place bite turbos on the front teeth, your backside teeth won’t meet together while you are eating. Moreover, when your orthodontic specialist in Florida

puts them on the back teeth, your front teeth won’t work correctly. However, the situation is temporary; dentists may suggest you eat soft food that will assist you in dealing with bite issues. Furthermore, it may affect your speech, and you can speak normally within a week.

Why do I have bite turbos?

Dentists place bite turbos on your teeth to relieve bite-related issues which are not permanent. Usually, your dentist may recommend this solution due to two reasons;

Bite turbos produce a specific pressure on teeth, assisting them in movement properly. In General, it is a perfect solution for patients with overbites.

What happens when my bite turbos break?

Usually, bite turbos are composed of materials that might break down after a particular period. Call your orthodontist immediately if your bite blocks are damaged and unable to function correctly.

Your orthodontist may suggest replacing the appliance to keep your teeth mobility in proper alignment.


Bite turbos are also known as ramps or turbos. They are tiny oral devices that an orthodontist uses to protect you from biting off the brackets on your braces.

Miami orthodontist specialists place bite turbos that are tiny devices to maintain the mobility of your teeth. Therefore, if you are facing bite issues, book an appointment with your orthodontist and get bite turbos in time.