What Exactly Is AAA In Cubic Zirconia?

Andrin Andrin / March 9, 2022



Much like diamonds, quality, cut, and color influence the grade of cubic zirconia. An AAA rating is the most popular grade in high-quality fashion jewelry. Unlike diamonds and other gemstones cubic zirconia is not found in nature. Natural stones contain scratches, Flaws, and blemishes. But the CZ  is crafted carefully under precise laboratory conditions. When you buy AAA cubic zirconia you can rest assured that your jewelry will continue to shine for years to come. That means in fashion jewelry the man-made cubic zirconia stones are flawless.

How much does CZ in 1 carat worth?

Since Cz Stones are artificial gems and mass-produced they are very inexpensive in terms of price value. A polished and cut one-carat CZ stone will cost around $20 and a similar two-carat stone will cost around $30. This is way cheaper than the real diamonds which start at around $1800 one carat and increase considerably as the size increases.

The cubic zirconia was a very absorbent material that could easily absorb body oil and get cloudy over a short period. The Cz Stones could change color if they were exposed to the strong UV light or got too hot during the cutting process.

Are loose gemstones considered a good investment?

Precious gemstones are considered an attractive option for investment if one is an aesthete or a connoisseur who has taste for finer things.  It appears to be a great option especially when tremors in any of the areas such as real estate, precious metals bonds fluctuating value of a dollar, bonds, and mutual funds. Gives you the jitters. You can either buy loose gemstones through a local auction house or on an online auction website.

Blue Zircon is among the most valuable and sought-after varieties of zircon. However, the natural blue zircon is difficult to find so many blue stones available in the market are heat-treated to achieve the signature pastel blue shades of natural zircon.

Natural blue cubic zirconia is much rarer than diamond but is considered less valuable because of the low demand in the market. About 80% of the zircons sold today are blue. Although they are not as durable as diamonds, they carry good physical durability as a gem.

What are the qualities of colorless zircon?

Colorless Zircon is a popular form of semi-precious gemstone. They are well known for their brilliance and flashes of multicolored light. These two zircon properties are similar to the properties of a diamond which was the cause of centuries of confusion between these two gems. In terms of appearance, they are closer to diamonds than any other gemstone. Its intense fire and superior luster give it a real sparkle that is comparable to a diamond.


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