What Effects Does Root Canal Have On Your Oral Health?

Andrin Andrin / February 7, 2023



A root canal is needed when the tooth pulp gets infected and causes severe pain. When this infection occurs, then your dentist may suggest Root Canal Houston. In this therapy, the dentist removes the infected pulp from the teeth and then seals the tooth to prevent reinfection.

Through this procedure, the dentist treats the infected teeth or decay in the tooth. Once the dentist removes the infected pulp, it is cleaned and disinfected, and then the dentist places a filling to seal the area. It is necessary to clean the infected pulp inside the tooth. This can lead to other oral issues if you do not treat it promptly. The infection usually happens because the cavity is left untreated. A cracked tooth or trauma can also be the reason for a cavity.

Going through the root canal procedure can give you a healthy smile. It removes the infection and also keeps your dental health protected. Here are some of the benefits of root canal therapy:

● Saves the natural tooth.

Root canal therapy can save your natural teeth. Dentist In Houston Near Me usually cap or fill the teeth with a filling after surgery. Losing a tooth can affect your bite, your ability to chew food, and the health of your jawbone. The tooth roots stimulate the jaw bone, although tooth loss can sometimes lead to bone loss. You can suffer many issues with loss of bone, like facial drooping and early aging signs. Patients who receive a root canal can save their natural teeth, bone structure, and smile.

● Prevents further spread of infection.

To treat an abscessed tooth, patients need a Dental Clinic in Houston. A tooth abscess is a bacterial infection resulting in a pus-filled pocket forming at the tooth’s tip or side. If you do not treat the tooth, the disease will not disappear and can develop into a more severe problem.

Your jaw, head, and neck can become infected as well. When you do not treat an infection that remains unchecked for an extended period, sepsis can develop. You will also experience a lot of pain which may leave you sleepless nights and have a lower quality of life. There can be other symptoms of infection, including fatigue and difficulty chewing and speaking. The tooth pain can also develop into a fever, stomach pain, increased heart rate, and swelling.

Therefore, a root canal can prevent all these further infections in the affected tooth if you treat it when you feel the pain the first time.

● Stops hot and cold sensitivity.

Your teeth can become sensitive to heat and cold when you have tooth decay or infection. In root canal treatment, the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Houston will remove the nerves responsible for hot and cold sensitivity.

After root canal therapy, the patient will no longer experience a reaction to temperature with the respective tooth, whether hot or cold. The treatment will remove the pain and keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright.


Without a root canal, the tooth infection will grow multiple times. An infection in the tooth can result in severe oral health issues, and it is better to treat it when you notice the symptoms.

A root canal will save your tooth from further damage. Contact and visit your dentist for a Root Canal Treatment Near Me.