What Do Lingual Braces Explain?

Andrin Andrin / February 15, 2023



The desire or wish for a beautiful and healthy smile motivates many to whiten and straighten their teeth with orthodontic treatments.

However, they don’t like to get treated with conventional metal braces because it gives an odd look for months. For image-conscious people who want to avoid drawing attention to their dental work, your dentist will suggest various invisible options like Invisalign and lingual braces. However, Invisalign treatment is costly, and for severe cases, Invisalign treatment is not advisable.

Orthodontist Hollywood fl has the same component as the conventional braces, but they’re fixed to the back teeth, on the tongue, and the side of the teeth. So they are back to your teeth; they’re invisible and have a lower lingual holding arch.

In this article, you’ll learn about lingual braces, their pros and cons, and whether you are a good candidate for orthodontic treatment.

When are you eligible for lingual braces?

Lingual braces can correct the same alignment problems as conventional braces.

At your first appointment with bay harbor islands orthodontist your dentist will evaluate your teeth and discuss the treatment options most likely to work for you. If you’re interested in lingual braces, you should consult your dentist because not all orthodontists are well-trained to apply them.

How much do lingual braces cost?

  • The Cost of your braces may depend on various factors:
  • The length (period) of the treatment
  • Where you live
  • The insurance coverage
  • What appliance you choose

In your first appointment, you should discuss the motive and Cost of the treatment. Lingual braces can also be customized for each patient, which can bump the price of your treatment process.

The wires on the conventional braces are bent to give shape to your teeth, but some lingual braces are curved to fit the contour in your mouth. The custom fit can shorten the treatment time but boost the price of treatment.

Do lingual braces give me a lisp?

When you speak with lingual braces, your tongue touches the back of your teeth, which affects your speech. Since the bracket is on the back side of your mouth, your address may affect when you get braces first.

Some people have had success correcting the lingual lisp with some therapy. Eventually, your tongue will become accustomed to braces, and your speech will return to normal. For affordable braces Hollywood fl, you should consider visiting a dentist.

Pros of Lingual braces

  • They are virtually invisible.
  • They will help you’re correcting your bite problems.
  • They can be customized in other to increase comfort and maximize appliance efficiency.

Cons of Lingual Braces

  • Lingual braces are more expensive than conventional braces but provide a better look.
  • They may cause some discomfort, especially when you wear them first.


If you suffer from conventional bad-looking braces, then lingual braces can help you with the invisible look. Also, it provides better comfort, and hardly people can notice you. Therefore, consider visiting the adult orthodontics near me to know what is better for you.