What Are The Types Of Overbite?

Andrin Andrin / April 11, 2022



Overbite is a type of malocclusion disorder known as buck teeth that causes misalignment of teeth or jaw. The cause of an overbite is genetic, Grinding teeth, and (TMJ) Temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The condition where your upper front tooth extends forward beyond the lower front teeth. Several people are suffering from this condition which leads them to visit a dentist for getting an overbite before and after effective results. But it is essential to understand overbite types and treatment. In this article, we have noted some productive pieces of information which will be a help to you in further treatment of overbite disorder.

  • Types of overbite
  • How to fix an overbite?
  • How much is the overbite treatment?

One should read this article till the end for knowing everything about overbite including these mentioned above.

What are the types of overbite?

We have found from experts that there are three types of overbite disorder. Below we have noted down all three types of overbite which might be a help in the future including:

1. Skeletal Overbite:

Skeletal overbite is caused due to unstable or improper development of the jawbone which leads to misalignment of the jaw and teeth in the future.

2. Dental:

Dental overbite is caused due to bad oral habits, teeth crowding, and loss of bach teeth which are known as wisdom teeth. Dental overbite leads to severe misalignment in the jaw.

3. Overjet vs Overbite

Overjet and overbite both are different misalignments of the jaw. Overjet is a horizontal gap developed in between the top and bottom front teeth which leads to an overbite. However, if you are suffering from severe overjet disorder then a patient may suffer from the vertical overlap of the top teeth over the bottom which leads to overbite disorder.

These are different types of overbite treated with the help of overbite braces. You can visit an orthodontist to get overbite braces and see incredible braces before and after overbite results in a few months.

What are treatments for overbite correction?

If you are suffering from overbite disorder, you should visit an orthodontist and discuss these mentioned below treatments in consultation. The treatment for correcting your normal overbite to severe will be depending on the severity of the overbite which will be employed by your dentist.

  • An overbite can be corrected with growth modification appliances such as palate expanders for teeth repositioning
  • An overbite can be corrected withoverbite braces
  • An overbite can is treated with permanent teeth removal to make room for adult teeth.

How much is the overbite treatment?

The cost of overbite treatment may range from $20,000 to $40,000. Whereas, surgery for temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) can cost you anywhere about $50,000.you should ask your orthodontist in initial consultation about the insurance coverage of overbite.


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