What Are The Best Sports Mouthguards Braces?

Andrin Andrin / June 6, 2023



When you are wearing braces, you know it is essential to protect them when doing any sports activity like succor, football, basketball, or hockey. This is essential to protect your teeth; otherwise, this may cause damage to your teeth, might cause tooth loss, or hurt your gum by softening your tissue.

But, before choosing the mouth guard, you must be particular about which one to choose to get the maximum protection. Continue reading the article to know more about braces and which are the best ones.

What is the purpose of the mouthguard?

The word mouthguard itself express something to protect your mouth. But in other words, this is also known as the gumshield or the mouth protector. This aims to prevent or reduce trauma to your teeth. This is also beneficial in protecting the jaws by protecting the gingival tissue. If you are a sports person, then wearing a mouth guard can be helpful as this can be the best friend of your mouth.

Do mouthguards have different types?

Yes, the three types of mouthguards are available at the dental clinic.

● Boil and bite mouth protectors:

Many sportsman and athletes mainly prefer this as this gives the best protection and fit perfectly than stock mouth protectors. The boil and bite mouth guard is created from thermoplastic material and put in hot water to soften; after that, it is placed in the mouth and shaped near the teeth using finger and tongue force.

● Stock mouth protectors:

These are directly applied and are ready to wear at any time. These are inexpensive mouthguard for braces, and they are heavy to wear. When you wear this, you can notice that breathing and talking are very challenging. All the more, these do not provide protection. Most of the expert and specialized orthodontist miami beach do not suggest wearing this.

● Custom-fitted mouth protectors:

These are customized according to the size and shape of the teeth and mouth structure. This also gives you the option to choose the material for your own choice. These are proficient laboratories based on your dentist’s instructions.

The impression is taken, the construction is done, and the appearance is molded in the correct shape required for your mouth. This can be more expensive when compared to the other mouthguards.

Well, now you can make out which are the best mouth guard and what you should prefer according to the sport you are about to choose.

Does only a sportsperson wear mouthguards?

You might be conscious that only sports people wear the mouth guard. But, this is not true; if you have a teeth-grinding problem, your dentist can suggest you wear a mouth guard. It is advised to choose a sports mouthguard for braces correctly.


We hope you liked the article and now know accurately about the best mouthguard you need to choose. Moreover, you can also ask the dental clinic that provides affordable braces for adults near me to suggest which is the best according to your mouth. Also, follow the precautions when wearing the mouth guard to protect your gums and color braces.