Overbite Correction With Invisalign Braces:

Ashok / August 10, 2021



Modern orthodontic braces have always been an alternative to traditional metal braces. Typically,  they are manufactured with medical-grade plastics. Besides these, they are a customizable system along with sequential aligners that gradually shift your teeth through gentle pressure. This is a new system which was launched in 1999 and since its initial launch; huge amounts of developments have been made in the system and the problem that it can really treat. Consult an invisalign orthodontist near me in Miami to determine the type of treatment.

Since our cosmetic dentistry has advanced a lot and has designed a wide range of useful treatments that help a person to correct your smile efficiently. But with the development of the attachment, tooth-colored material is placed on the teeth to help the aligners grip, as well as other improvements in the structure. Moreover,  many more difficult tooth movements can be treated.

There is a wide range of oral problems faced by people and among them, overbites are one of the complex orthodontic problems that are initially not able to be treated with new aged braces. For the treatment of these kinds of problems, you will need to take the help of some orthodontic experts as only they have the ability to cure your problem.

What is an overbite?

It is a wide flap between the top and bottom teeth. A proper bite should be of one to two mm, but the front teeth should fit over the bottom teeth. There should not be a rift amid them. When the flap is too wide, known as an excessive overbite. You can also get the treatment from an orthodontist open on Saturday near me.

What are the Causes of an Overbite?

The overbite is generally caused due to the shape or size of the jaw/teeth. This may end in a little gap in the jaw area or less space to fit a person’s teeth. If the problem is not resolved in time it may lead to overcrowding. Once the teeth are overcrowded there will be not enough room in the mouth and you can notice teeth gaps if the jaw has larger gaps.

Things To consider while looking for an overbite correction treatment:

  • You will need to determine those dentists who actually know the orthodontic implication of the treatment to be undertaken.
  • Always consider an experienced and skilled orthodontist who is proficient to deal with bite corrections problems.
  • Prepare a list of professional and experienced dentists who has contributed his/her precious time in this field.
  • Your dentist may look for a patient’s gum health while selecting a treatment.

How to treat and correct an overbite?

An orthodontist, initially,  examines the area and then prepares a digital treatment plant matching the needs of the patient. Then he/she may prescribe the x-rays to know the type of overbite and detect the symptoms of it so that a precise mode of treatment can be chosen. The treatment plan can last up to one to two years. Grab the best braces for adults to fix an overbite issue efficiently.

Overbite treatment cost with Invisalign:

Basically, the cost of the dental braces treatment depends on various factors such as; treatment type, the patient’s needs, and the size of the treatment. The consultation fee of an experienced orthodontist is between $275 to $300.