How Would You Explain The Braces Procedure?

Keith Lovell / August 19, 2022



The dentist for braces near me uses a cheek retractor during the installation of dental braces to keep the teeth exposed and dry. They air-dry the teeth after polishing them to guarantee that the brackets will adhere correctly. They treat the front surfaces of the teeth with a conditioner for 30 seconds to get them further ready for bonding the brackets. After cleaning it off, they air-dry the teeth and place an adhesive primer on the teeth to enhance the bonding process.

They place the cement on the back of the brackets, which they apply to predetermined positions on the teeth. Once the brackets are in part, any excess cement is scraped off, and a bright light is used to solidify the brackets. The dental arch wires are then positioned after the retractor has been removed.


Regular adjustment appointments are required once your braces are in place. This is due to the elastic ties that hold the wires in the correct position stretching and losing strength over time. The wires wouldn’t be able to exert the proper pressure to treat the tooth problems requiring therapy without changes.

Your Miami shores orthodontics specialist can assess the movement of your teeth and the progress made during adjustment appointments. This makes recommendations possible that can enhance the treatment plan’s final result.

Because tooth movement takes at least three weeks to complete, they schedule many adjustment appointments every three to 10 weeks. However, the newer wires available now tend to provide longer operating times, so that you might need adjustments less regularly.

How is it to live with braces?

According to braces cost in Miami, It’s crucial for those wearing braces to practice good dental hygiene and avoid specific foods. It’s crucial to wash your teeth at least three times a day because insufficient brushing can result in enamel deterioration. Many orthodontists advise bringing a toothbrush with you so you can brush your teeth at work or school after lunch.

To improve oral hygiene, they should use interdental brushes and a water pik to clean beneath the dental archwires. Fluoride mouthwash is also advised to preserve the tooth structure and underlying enamel. Best orthodontist in Miami fl recommend patients avoid sticky foods in their diets because they can stick to their braces and perhaps result in detachment.

Avoid hard meals and sweets because they could damage the braces or the link between the brackets and the enamel. To prevent deterioration, you should slice foods like apples into pieces. Avoid sugary, sticky, and acidic foods and beverages as they make dental hygiene more complex and may harm enamel.


After determining that you finished your therapy, your orthodontist will remove your braces using a quick and painless procedure. Your teeth and the brackets’ relationship are softly and safely severed. Squeezing the bracket bases causes the adhesive bond to release, allowing the brackets to be taken off. During this procedure, they left the adhesive on the teeth to protect the enamel and tooth structure.


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