How to Choose The Best Surgeon For BBL Surgery?

Keith Lovell / November 1, 2022



Choosing to change your asthetic beauty is a big thing; you can’t trust anyone easily. This process involves the transfer of fat from one part of your body to your buttocks to give them the perfect shape, volume, and size. Many women undergo bbl surgery procedures; some undergo it to enhance their appearance, to fit better in clothes, and to balance their overall body parts.

Here are some key factors that you should go through before a bbl surgery:

Look at bbl surgery before and after

The main thing to see when you are searching for a professional bbl surgeon is to look at bbl surgery before and after pictures to ensure that you are in good hands. Ask your doctor for the images, and the plastic surgeon should show the before and after photos of the Brazilian butt lift results. You should look for the final results of bbl surgery to ensure whether the augmentation is large or small. This can indicate the doctor’s ability. Your BBL doctor should have experience treating patients of various body types and sizes.

The Surgeon Must Have Liposuction Experience

The bbl technique includes liposuction, in which the surgeon gets the fat that will be injected into your buttocks. Ensure that the surgeon has the required skills to remove abdominal fat effectively. The area to be removed should be level, with no lumps or crevices. Keep in mind that BBL surgery affects two different body parts, so be sure to inquire about both while speaking with the surgeon.

Look for a Surgeon who can address your specific goals.

Look for a surgeon who can make you achieve your specific goals, and a surgeon should be best at giving the desired looks and results per your personal choice.

For e.g., you want to have your butt cheeks symmetric if one is bigger than the other. Or if you wish your buttocks to be more rounded if they are flatter.

So, in that case, your surgeon should also have ideas for enhancing the appearance of your buttocks that you have considered or may not have considered.

Many patients seeking a Brazilian Butt Lift want to achieve a more ideal contour. Lastly, it should result in what you wished for, whether in an hourglass form or another form.

When the surgeon works on your waist or belly to remove fat and your buttocks to enhance volume and improve the shape. The doctor should determine the amount of fat removal required in each location to achieve the ideal balance for your figure.

Leave no doubts.

When you schedule your appointment with your bbl surgeon, list questions you want to ask your surgeon before the surgery and bring it with you on the visit day. Address all the concerns related to the surgery and make sure that your surgeon is giving the appropriate answers to all your questions. Your surgeon may correct you when you have an expectation that can’t be matched.

Dont forget to ask about the surgery’s details, cost, and recovery time. You should be satisfied with all the answers and prepare for surgery.


Choose a plastic surgeon with enough knowledge about bbl surgery and experience in this field. Ask all related questions to your doctor before the surgery, and also ask for the recovery time and liposuction cost.

Consult your doctor about whether you are an ideal candidate for bbl surgery. Visit the best plastic surgeons in Houston and discuss your goals to get the desired outcome.