How Do Overbite Braces Improve Your Child’s Smile?

Andrin Andrin / February 1, 2023



A child’s smile may look cute with overbites and underbites when they are small. Still, these issues can cause oral problems when they grow, and they will feel embarrassed while talking and smiling in public. So it is essential to treat the overbite when they are small.

An overbite is the overlapping of the upper teeth set. Overbites, they’re a little more complicated, and they are common among many people. But why as a kid your child need orthodontal attention? Braces are one such solution for overbites, underbites, and misalignment. Braces can fix your teeth issues and provide beautiful teeth and a smile.

So why does an overbite occur? There are many causes for the occurrence of an overbite. Consult and discuss with your orthodontists specialists in Florida.

What Causes An Overbite?

An overbite is a deep bite in the orthodontic world. The upper front teeth overlap significantly with the lower front teeth when you close your jaw. The reasons behind it can be problems like excessive thumb sucking as a child or pacifier sucking, which can cause an overbite. These include:

  • The lower jaw is smaller
  • A missing tooth
  • Teeth clenching or grinding problems
  • Tooth outbreak

Whatever the reason for an overbite, there is a solution for it, braces. Braces are the best solution to give your child the smile they deserve. Overbite before and after images will provide an outlook on how braces work.

What Problems Are Caused By an Overbite?

Some parents do not consider overbite as an oral issue. But it is an issue and can cause other oral problems in the future. So parents need to pay attention to this. Children with an overbite often need earlier treatment.

● Teeth Clenching & Jaw Grinding

A child or adult with an overbite may clench or grind their teeth while sleeping, and this can cause joint pain and tooth deterioration. Your pediatric dentist in Miami, fl, may recommend wearing a retainer at night to prevent jaw clenching and grinding. It protects the teeth from wear.

● TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint disorder is related to an overbite. Clenching and grinding your jaw can cause jaw pain. The joint that binds with your cheek and jawbone allows facial movement like drinking, eating, talking, and facial expressions.

The signs of TMJ are jaw pain, ear pain, and noise clicking when you open and close your mouth. Consult with your dentist if you experience such pain.

● Neck Pain

With an overbite, neck pain is common in many people because it is closely attached to the jaw bone. If your jaw has a slight imbalance, your neck and shoulder pain can be the result. You can visit a physical therapist or contact your dentist to resolve the problem by fixing the overbite issue.

● Changes in Facial Structure

Sometimes, a deep overbite can cause you to look different with an overbite. A patient with an overbite will have a recessive chin and make their face look shorter, and all the attention goes on the overbite.

With overbite braces, you can fix the issues. Braces are the best solution that can help to prevent the overbite issue.

In Conclusion:

An overbite is a problem that should be fixed with orthodontic treatment. Visit your dentist if your child has an overbite. Look for overbite before and after braces images to see the difference.

Early treatment with braces can be good and more effective. Book an appointment now!