How Can Varicose Veins Be Cured Permanently?

Andrin Andrin / April 12, 2023



Varicose veins can occur in any person; there are treatment options that can help to get rid of varicose veins or spider veins. Whether you have varicose or spider veins, medical treatment is necessary to treat the disease, or it may worsen with time.

Varicose veins appear like bulging, twisted veins in the legs. These diseased veins mostly appear on the legs, ankles, or feet. You may also be thinking, What Kind of Doctor Treats Varicose Veins? A doctor specializing in veins, a phlebologist, or a vascular surgeon, will diagnose and treat your vein disease. You may be thinking that they can be cured permanently.

Varicose veins can be painful and itchy and can also sometimes cause ulcers. Therefore, varicose veins can be cured, but you must take treatment, or it may worsen over time. They can be fixed permanently, but new varicose veins can form again. Many vein clinics have developed treatment procedures that can permanently cure varicose veins.

How do vein doctors treat varicose veins?

Years ago, removing varicose veins was only treated with surgical procedures through vein stripping. Vein stripping is the procedure through which the diseased vein is removed by giving an incision in the legs to remove the vein. General anesthesia will be provided so that the patient does not feel pain. But now, many treatment options are available, and vein stripping is rarely done.

Vein doctors use gentle and minimally invasive methods to treat the vein where a tiny catheter is inserted into the veins. Laser or radiofrequency is used to seal and collapse the infected vein.

This procedure is safe as it is done with the proper knowledge of a vein specialist. When the vein is sealed, the neighboring veins take over the work of the sealed veins and routing deoxygenated blood back to the heart and lungs. Therefore, the closed veins are naturally absorbed by surrounding tissue and soon disappear.

This improves the overall circulation when the diseased varicose veins are removed. This helps improve your overall health.

How to get rid of varicose veins

Varicose veins appear unattractive, and some people remove them because of their appearance. You have a few options that can help remove varicose veins permanently. Your doctor will suggest the treatment option that is best for you.

●    Compression therapy

This compression therapy involves wearing compression stockings or socks to prevent swelling and relieve pain and swelling. This helps to stop the blood from pooling in your leg veins.

●    Endovenous ablation

This is a type of procedure that uses energy to burn and shut the varicose veins, and the blood reroutes to the other neighboring vein.

●    Microphlebectomy

This is done through a small incision in the affected skin. Your doctor will remove varicose veins.

●    VenaSeal

VenaSeal is an advanced medical treatment that seals your varicose veins and rerouting the transfer of blood to the healthy neighboring veins.

●    Ovarian vein embolization

In this treatment, the diseased veins are sealed off. This procedure is used for patients who have varicose veins in the pelvic area.

In Conclusion:

Do you need treatment? If you have symptoms of varicose veins, you should consult a vein doctor to get rid of your varicose veins. You can also request an appointment online.