The Meaning and Properties Of Cubic Zirconia!

Andrin Andrin / February 2, 2022



In the world of gemstones, Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is an inexpensive alternative to a diamond with similar qualities as a diamond. Its crystalline material is synthetic which means it is made in laboratories. With the increasing demand, the commercial production of CZ began in the 1970s. However, the cubic zirconia imitates a diamond but not the same material, it is a fake, stimulant, and faux. Cubic Zirconia is an astonishing gemstone in its right way, but only has a problem when it is juggled as a diamond or other type of gemstone.

How Is Cubic Zirconia Made?

Cubic Zirconia is designed in deep controlled environments, followed by a process. The formation of Cz Stones includes the ingredients of zirconium oxide together with other minerals like calcium oxide.

While at the time of manufacturing process, the manufacturers add some color in it with the addition of various components. For instance, chromium creates green CZ, golden brown titanium, and cerium in various amounts which turns out to be the final products in orange, red, yellow, and Blue Zircon. As the natural CZ are not easily available and all the CZ stones available in markets are lab-created.

What are the Properties of Cubic Zirconia?

The properties of cubic zirconia are explained with the following 3cs – carats, color, and clarity.

  • Carats

The weight of cubic zirconia is around 1.7 times more than the diamond of the same size. That is the reason for their measurement with millimeters instead of carats.

  • Color

The cubic zirconia is usually a clear or colorless zircon with the addition of special color to become easier. It is accessible in every color, with the trace of mineral impurities added to make colors.

  • Clarity

As you know diamonds are the natural inclusions, and CZ is flawless gemstones. Cz are not artificial gems, they have their own value and rights. It will assist in the light refraction, creating them sometimes more sparkling and brighter than equal to diamond.

What is AAA Cubic Zirconia?

As you know diamonds are the quality, color, and cut impact the grade of cubic zirconias. The meaning behind AAA-rated Cubic zirconia will have to exceed the lower grade piece in shine, symmetry, and luster. The ratings of AAA cubic zirconia are the topmost quality of fashion jewelry. If you are buying this, which means you feel energetic that your jewelry will make you sparkle for more coming years. The cubic zirconia white AAA stones are known as the most famous gemstone for jewelry and are found in every store. As they are more reasonable with great quality. The price of cubic zirconia ranges from $22 and more if you are buying flawless jewelry of this stone.

Can you Get Blue Cubic Zirconia?

The blue cubic zirconia is an awesome color of deep colors CZ, which copies the deep color and shines in the natural sapphires. The CZ is a man-made stone and colorless variety which is growing famous as a diamond because of its incredible sparkle, shine, and clarity.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully! The above article was found interesting and understanding. The article has given complete information about the CZ.  Further, wanting to buy loose gemstones, then go for CZ or many other varieties. To know more about this, visit our website!