Solving the Immigration Problem:

admin / July 20, 2020



Nothing Head of state Bush claimed last evening (5/15/06) will have any kind of real effect on unlawful migration. I despise to slam the President but that’s my professional opinion. I have numerous pay-roll firms that prepare payroll for companies around the country.

Immigration, legal as well as prohibited, is driven by the opportunities supplied in this country. Those chances exist since we have the “3 Guidelines of Wealth” as I make use of to call them when I taught High School.

<ol><li><b>”Regulation of Legislation”</b> You know the regulations as well as they do not essentially change, as well as you recognize the consequences of your habits if you breach them.</li>

<li><b>”Private Property”</b> You get to possess the devices of wide range development. Tangible and also abstract properties that allow you develop revenues. “”Regulation Top” warranties this”</li>

<li><b>”Capitalism”</b> You are not restricted to what you can do as long as you follow “Rule Leading” making use of “Regulation Second.”</li></ol>

You are not going to keep individuals out when these guidelines relate to them even if they are prohibited. If they did not apply employers would certainly steal from illegal aliens, banks would certainly just confiscate their accounts, college districts would avert their youngsters, medical facilities would certainly decline to treat them, etc

. So exactly how do you maintain illegal aliens out of the country? Cut them off from the possibilities that the “Three Policies of Riches” supply. How do you do that?

First you need to have an excellent system of determining citizens as well as lawful aliens. Sorry, yet it indicates a nationwide identity system. Which, by the way, resolves the big continuous criminal trouble of identification theft. Why not just make the illegal aliens bring an ID card, due to the fact that they won’t.

Second, penalize organisations that hire illegal aliens seriously. Make it a felony to employ an unlawful. All business owners like a side. Some currently obtain the edge by employing economical prohibited labor and capitalizing on it. No business is mistakenly harmed if the playing field is leveled. If ordinary wages rise they rise for each business and also everyone elevates their cost to make up. This will certainly also interest the traditionalists because once illegal immigrants can not obtain a job numerous will go residence.

3rd removed all advantages for illegal immigrants. No institutions, no cost-free medical facilities, no food stamps, no well-being, no refuge, no federal government benefits no absolutely nothing. No prison either. Hard labor up until they spend for there transport out of nation. If their native land wont take them hard labor till they somebody does or they die.

4th take their bank accounts, confiscate any kind of residential or commercial property they possess, take their cars as well as houses. Remember they are criminals the minute they cross the border without papers or overstay their visa. Provide half to the individual that determines them as an illegal and fifty percent to the federal government.

My hunch remains in 30 days after this strategy is passed that 90% or even more of all illegal aliens will have left the nation. When you remove all possibility in this country, the possibility nevertheless weak, in their native land will appear desirable.

Kids of immigrants that are citizens can not be deported. That becomes part of the “Guideline of Legislation”. If their parents who must leave don’t want to take them then set up orphanages up until they are 18. Educate, feed, house, cloth, as well as look after them. They are fellow citizens besides.

Is this harsh, yes of course. Nothing else will certainly stop individuals from seeking a far better life. You need to make what they have where they came from to appear to be far better than what is readily available in the USA. Nothing less will certainly do. Or else the strong, motivated, hard working individuals of the world that desire a far better life on their own and their families will certainly continue to come hear regardless of the current penalties that they recognize are not imposed.

Do I concur that this is what we should do. Absolutely Not.

This is no way to deal with individuals. But nothing less will stop them from coming and coming and coming. Which is not always bad. If people are mosting likely to come below we want strong, tough working, inspired individuals like our own ancestors that emigrated here or survived the enforced hardships of slavery and also endured it. Just how to integrate them into the “American Dream” is a whole different conversation.