How Can You Determine The Natural Blue Star Sapphire?

Keith Lovell / September 23, 2022



Many people are turning to blue sapphire, which is very common nowadays. There are varieties of sapphires, but natural blue star sapphire is the most popular.

These beautiful blue sapphires have increasing demand, and so are their prices. They are the most highly prized gem on the planet. However, a natural untreated stone is always expensive. But we can’t make a surety of a natural stone by just seeing.

So, if you have blue star sapphire jewelry and want to know whether it is an original or an artificial gems. The best way to be sure is to have it reviewed by a professional jeweler who can make it out by seeing or can look at it under a loupe to confirm its naturality.

You can also check whether the stone is natural or not with a few simple tricks. Have a look at these tricks that can make you sure about the gem :

Look for flaws and inclusions

Notice the flaws in the gems by using a magnifying glass, so you see them clearly and closely.

If you notice some other shreds of matter in the gem, it indicates that it is a natural sapphire. These minor blemishes and particles confirm that sapphire is genuine; a natural sapphire forms with tiny bits of particles and other imperfections. A real natural sapphire is never flawless.

Sapphires created in a lab dont have flaws, they do not have nature’s purities in them, so if you find flaws, it is real.

Scratch Test

Try a scratch test on your gem, they are very close to the diamond, so if it shows marks when you scratch with a hard substance, they are fake. You can use a key or coin to scratch it.

Light Test

It is the easiest test to perform and find your gem is real. Switch off the lights and use a flashlight on the gem. If it reflects back the same color as the stone, it is a natural sapphire, but if it reflects another color, it is a fake one.

Question the jeweler if the gemstone is natural.

To be confirmed the natural blue star sapphire, you can ask your jeweler before buying it. Make sure before purchasing it.

Dont hesitate to ask whether it is real or fake; you are investing money and have the right to ask.

Natural Sapphires

Planning to buy sapphire? You need to know more about sapphires, which come in different colors and types with other properties. Blue corundum is called Blue Sapphire, and pink corundum is called Pink Sapphire, etc.


These sapphires have many colors, from blue, Green Glass Gemstones to black star ruby.

There are no limits to the color tone or saturation of color in a sapphire. The largest sapphire is the black Ruby star in the world, and black Star Ruby is all like other sapphires.

Star sapphires are generally seen in blue and black colored sapphires, although they can be seen in almost any shade.

A black sapphire with a golden star is generally found in India and Thailand. All sapphires are different from each other.


You can see a jeweler confirm your  Sapphire Stone is natural, synthetic, or fake.

Start your search for the perfect blue sapphire today, but before buying it, make sure you purchase an original one.