This survey is oriented towards Portuguese citizens residing in Berlin, Sydney and Luanda, and to German, Australian and Angolan citizens residing in Lisbon.

We would like to ask your collaboration for filling and distributing the survey.

Portugueses in Berlin, Sydney and Luanda –

 Angolans in Lisbon –

 Australians in Lisbon –

Germans in Lisbon –

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to be completed. Its extension reflects the rigour required by a scientific project.  Being an innovative research project, it is important that TRANSITS survey reaches as many people as possible in order to produce a faithful study of those people life experiences.

Only complete surveys will be considered valid. Participation is anonymous and data will be handled and used exclusively by researchers of the TRANSITS team.

TRANSITS team is available for any further questions or additional information through email: |

Thank you for your time!