Born in Lisbon in April 1957, she obtained the licence in Sociology in 1979 (at the Fac. des Sciences Économiques et Sociales, Univ. de Genève, CH), the doctorate in 1991 (at the ISCTE, Lisbon), the habilitation in 2009 (Universiy of Lisbon). She is currently a research professor at the Instituto de Ciências Sociais and the chair of the Scientific Board. She coordinates the InterUniversity PhD Programme in Sociology, OpenSoc – Knowledge for Open and Inclusive Societies. She’s a member of the Bureau of the Sociologie de l’Enfance Research Comittee of the Association Internationale des Sociologues de Langue Française, and of the Directive Board of the Research Network on Sociology of Children and Childhood, European Sociological Association. Among her favourite scientific objects are: family and, more recently, childhood and school. She currently develops research about children and the internet; children and disasters.