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Month: June 2017

Transits in the media

Check the latest news in Marta Rosales’s interview  in “90 seconds of science” (8/05/2017), in witch she explains the potential of material culture as a lens to explore contemporary migration and belonging.

Ep. 120 Marta Vilar Rosales – Analisar objetos trazidos por migrantes para estudar como as pessoas se relacionam com os seus países de origem

Transits Blog

Transits blog is a research blog that has the main goals of disseminating and highlighting scientific informations and outcomes concerning the ongoing project as well as events and publications related to the topics under study (find more).

This project aims to study the material dimensions of contemporary migrations. It will investigate how and to what extent contemporary material culture and consumption practices are implicated in the expectations, imaginaries and experiences of presentday movements of people from and to Portugal. It will focus on recent movements from Lisbon to three contexts Luanda, Melbourne and Berlin, and on the movements originating in the same contexts to Lisbon.

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